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She filed the first of several lawsuits against the university on October 13, Hank Hartsfield was our leader, who was also fluent in German. How did you learn that you were selected for STS-8. Bluford taught high school science for 25 years.

He only hired journalists with college degrees and focused his paper on serious topics concerning African Americans—race issues and politics—rather than sensational headlines. During the first year of training, I worked with Bob McCall, the artist, to develop a patch that represented our class.

I also tried to capture some of the crew activity in the cockpit on film. After one year of training, John Young, head of the Astronaut Office, declared that we were astronauts and we were given our silver astronaut pins. Dick made the decision for us to proceed and we went out to Space Shuttle Challenger.

In school, Bunny was always slugging it out. In AugustBluford entered the U. Bluford flew combat missions as a fighter pilot in the Air Force.

There were quite a few members of that group that were eventually selected for the astronaut program. I supported Don Lind for about 9 months as we flew around the country talking to Principal Investigators PIs about their experiments.

He was always a little behind and trying to catch up. Carlucci, Secretary of Defense. I was out of sight of the TV audience during most of the broadcast.

Frequent shifting of jobs among the AsCans was the normal way to expand our knowledge and experience base in the astronaut office. I discovered on this flight that I did not suffer from SAS. As a result, this transcript does not exactly match the audio recording.

Her knee had collapsed on her, while waiting for us at Edwards Air Force Base. I was impressed with the NASA organization, and I found myself even more interested in participating in the space program.

The crew gathered auroraEarth-limb, celestialand Shuttle environment data with the AFP payload. I became very familiar with the nominal and off-nominal flight procedures as well as the flight data file.

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After the mission, DFVLR invited us and our wives to Germany to attend a technical conference highlighting the results of our mission. One of the challenges for the flight was to develop the procedures and techniques for launching and landing the Space Shuttle at night.

I would be teaming up with Bonnie J. We finally completed all of our ascent checks, configured the Orbiter for on-orbit operations, and then had lunch. He continued climbing the ladder, and byhe was the executive support officer to the deputy commander of operations and school secretary for the Flying Training Wing.

STS A was a unique mission. The mission was a total success. In October, my wife and I went to Washington D. Sources Distinguished pilot and aeronautics engineer Guy Bluford was the first black American to experience space flight. Lucile Bluford is Entitled to Enroll at U.


In Bluford took on a position as vice president and general manager with the engineering and computer software company NYMA, Inc. Since we were going to operate the Spacelab around the clock, we broke the crew up into two teams called the Red Team and the Blue Team.

Guion Bluford: A Space Biography

Black students attended schools that were supposed to be equal in quality to the white schools, but most of them did not have the same resources. When he was accepted into NASA's astronaut training program inGuy Bluford never aimed to become the first African-American in space.

Bluford then served on the crew of STS A, the German D-1 Spacelab mission, which launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on October 30, This mission was the first to carry eight crew members, the largest crew to fly in space, and included three European payload specialists.

Guion Bluford was born on November 22, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He had a full family, with his father Guion Bluford Sr., two brothers and mother Lolita Bluford (who was a special education teacher.) As a child Guion's favorite hobbies were swimming, jogging, racquetball, handball, scuba diving and.

Bluford is a member and a fellow of many organizations: Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Board of Governors, National Space Club ( to ). The Bluford Series is a collection of twenty-one young adult novels that focus on the lives of a group of high school students and their families.

The series draws its name from the school which many of the characters attend: Bluford High, named after Guion "Guy" Bluford, America's first black astronaut. Guion Bluford: Guion Bluford, astronaut who was the first African American launched into space.

Bluford received an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering from Pennsylvania State University in and was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, where he trained as a fighter pilot.

He flew

Guion bluford essay
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